Foraging Walk

I helped to run a foraging walk in Cornwall at the weekend!


Sunday was a fabulous Spring day to be out and about in the local area, discovering its edible secrets. Many of you joined Grow St Blazey for our first ever foraging walk which turned out to be a great success.

The enthusiastic foragers gathered in King Edward gardens, otherwise known as the tree park, with guides in hand and smiles on their faces. The walk was facilitated by Ryan but the aim was for the participants to discover edible plants for themselves and share the knowledge amongst the community.

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It’s all official

Hooray I passed!

It feels like absolutely forever since I sent off my portfolio at the end of December. After all the Christmas festivities, there was a huge build up towards my hand in date as I bargained with myself, and decided that it had to be done in 2016. Then there was the waiting. Almost three months of pause and ponder.

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Development and Assessment Week

It’s been a whole month since my Forest Schools assessment and development week and I’ve only now found time to sit down and share my experience with you. It’s that time of year where diaries become a bit of a pickle and to-do lists seem endless, anyway I digress. My original intention was to do this week over the summer but the dates clashed with a holiday. However, the first week of November was filled with crispy leaves, sunshine and blue skies.

We were based inย Stand Woodย on the Chatsworth Estate and used their education building ‘The Stickyard’ for the indoorsy parts of the week. I actually work in one of the Chatsworth villages and drive through the estate on my way to work – only now I have lots of memories when I glance accross at the woodland. Continue reading

Autumn Update


It’s been a while since I posted an update and I’ve been feeling a little guilty that I’ve neglected my website for so long! Summer was busy and fun-packed, and I have to admit my Forest School work took a back seat while I soaked up the sunshine. However it was not forgotten as many of my Summer adventures were filled with nature and many hours were spent outdoors. Continue reading

Building a Business – Blackbird Style

It has been nearly 8 months since I tumbled head first into my Forest School adventure. Some days I feel like I have come really far and learned so much and other days I see how much further there is to go. I have completed my sessions now and am trying to focus on getting my portfolio done over the Summer while I have ample free time. Spurring me on is the fact I have a group starting in September so I need to get risk assessments, session plans and everything else sorted by then. I’ve even had an insurance quote!

Now, while my course is fabulous at preparing you to be a great Forest School practitioner, it is not a business course. Many people take the course while linked to a school, which is great for them, but it can leave us freelancers feeling a little perplexed about what to do next. So, I thought I’d ponder on my business plan so far and share a few thought processes with you. Continue reading

5 Nature Inspired Gifts for your Teacher

It’s that time of year when the Summer holidays are just in reach but there are still hurdles to jump before teachers can put their feet up and relax. Sports day, performances, finishing off odd jobs and having lots of fun is on the agenda for the next week. I’m a teacher and many of my friends are teachers too so I fully understand the rollercoaster of emotions that is the Summer term. It’s a relief that a whole six weeks of freedom are coming up but it’s also quite sad to wave goodbye to the children we’ve looked after all year.

I know that lots of families like to buy a card and a present to say thanks at the end of the school year. It’s really thoughtful and it is wonderful way to show a teacher how much they are appreciated. I am also aware of the tacky teacher merchandise that fills the shelves in the shops. This year think outside the box. Here are five nature inspired gifts that you can make yourself…. Continue reading

Final Forest School Session

Today was my last session with at the Nursery because it’s their last Forest School day this term. Super sad face! My Tuesdays have been so exciting this term and I’ve looked forward to them every week. It was sad to say goodbye today but it was also so much fun to celebrate at their Forest School party.

We played loads of fun games like pass the pine cone, hide & seek, duck duck goose and guessing the animal. To get our energy back we ate some party food and had lots of giggles around the log circle. Crisps, juice and party rings were all on the menu; a special treat from the leaders!

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Forest School, filling in gaps & farewell

This week I ran my last two sessions at the Nursery! Luckily I have been invited to their Forest School end of term party next week so I can squeeze in one more day of fun. Then I need to get planning for my weekly sessions with year 3/4 starting in September. There will be a whole summer of practicing fires, tools and crafts.

This week’s session had to be themed around the letter A which was way harder than I initially thought. Some words like ‘art’ don’t start with the right sound that is needed for their phonics input. So, there went my nature art gallery idea! I’ll save that one for another day. Continue reading