Wild Summer Bucket List


It’s the Summer holidays, hooray! Six whole weeks to get out, have fun and explore with friends and family. If you’re stuck for ideas, or just lacking a little inspiration, here is my wild activity Summer bucket list…

1.Visit some new woods or gardens that might be a little further afield. The Woodland Trust have a handy map of all their sites.

2.Climb lots of trees while you are there. Why wouldn’t you? Maybe learn to identify a few while they still have leaves.

3. Cook a meal out of something you’ve grown or foraged. You could also visit a local pick your own. Nothing beats fresh salads and blackberry puddings in the Summer.

4.Get creative at the beach. See what you can find along the sea shore – a curly shell? a stripey jellyfish? Maybe even a speedy crab. Use some of your finds to design pictures or patterns. Perhaps avoid the jellyfish though!

5. Go to an outdoor cinema screening. Watching a film doesn’t have to be an indoor event. Have a Google to see what is happening near you. There is a couple in Derbyshire on Summer Nights Film.  You could even hold your own if you have a projector!

6. Read a nature inspired book such as Tap the Magic TreeWe’re going on a Bear Hunt or Wild (picture at the start).

7.Explore some ruins taken over by nature. Just because castle exploring is way more fun when they are crumbling.


8.Hunt for wild raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. Make them into ice lollies! There is a recipe here.

9.Go camping or glamping (if you prefer the comfort). I recently stayed at Swinton Bivouac in the Yorkshire Dales and it was so beautiful! I’m a happy camper but it may have converted me.

10.Cook on a campfire. There is nothing quite like cooking over a fire you’ve made yourself – no barbecue needed!

11.Star gazing on a clear night. Now that it’s less cloudy and a bit warmer at night, it’s perfect to stay out for a lazy evening looking up at the sky.

12.Open a mud cafe in your garden and get messy. Endless fun!

13.Catch a spider’s web. This is a Pinterest discovery that I can’t wait to try myself.


14. Try out some rope swings. Lots of places have them and I always get excited when I spot one on a walk. You could even make your own in your garden.

15.Go wild swimming, whether it’s in the sea, a lake or just dipping your toes in a stream to cool down. Double check that it’s somewhere safe first.

16.Buy some new wellies for adventures. Plant things in your old broken ones.

17. Learn how to make a daisy chain, and if you are really good, try your hand at a floral headdress. There is a good guide here.

18.Walk along a coastal path and discover so much. The seaside isn’t all about beaches you know. There is over 2400km of coastline in Britain.

19. Air your toes and go barefoot. A sign of a good exploration should be muddy feet at the end of a day. Just look out for those cream carpets when you come back inside.

20. Look out for birds, butterflies and bees. I had a bee saver kit delivered from Friends of the Earth this week. It has a handy bee identification guide and a pack of wildflower seeds for my garden.

21. Geocaching – my old favourite! Find out how you can get involved here.

22. Learn some new games. Get together with other families and teach each other. A favourite of mine is Witches, goblins and giants.

23. Tie-dye a t-shirt using natural dyes. Marigolds, elderberries, beetroot… there is plenty to try. You could also try printing by hammering leaves and flowers onto fabric.


24. Get acquainted with a stick. Let your imagination run wild! Get inspiration from The Stick Book (one of my favourites) or listen to the story Not a Stick.

25. Finally, relax. Enjoy the sun. Watch the clouds go by.

Cloud watching in the sunshine ☁🌞 #clouds #sky #summer #nature #outdoors #cloudwatching

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