5 Nature Inspired Gifts for your Teacher

It’s that time of year when the Summer holidays are just in reach but there are still hurdles to jump before teachers can put their feet up and relax. Sports day, performances, finishing off odd jobs and having lots of fun is on the agenda for the next week. I’m a teacher and many of my friends are teachers too so I fully understand the rollercoaster of emotions that is the Summer term. It’s a relief that a whole six weeks of freedom are coming up but it’s also quite sad to wave goodbye to the children we’ve looked after all year.

I know that lots of families like to buy a card and a present to say thanks at the end of the school year. It’s really thoughtful and it is wonderful way to show a teacher how much they are appreciated. I am also aware of the tacky teacher merchandise that fills the shelves in the shops. This year think outside the box. Here are five nature inspired gifts that you can make yourself….

1. Botanical Letter Art

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My sister is a teacher and I made her a piece of art out of crayons, using the first letter of our surname. It’s something nice to hang on the classroom door or perch on their desk. I have seen lots of botanical letter art accross the internet and I think it’s so beautiful. There are plenty of professional artists selling their creations but if you are on a budget you could do it yourself. Your child could paint/draw their own or make something out of dried flowers.

2. DIY Bath Products


When I was teaching full time I always made time for a Sunday bath! Teaching can take over your life so it helped me to make time for me before another busy week. Again there are loads of products out there to buy, however something homemade has a personal touch to it. You could use herbs, essential oils or flower petals to make a lovely, naturally scented bath bomb. I found these Lavender Bath Melts and an Oatmeal and Coconut Bath Bomb on Pinterest and they seem easy enough to make!

3. Painted Stones

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I would LOVE to have my own painted stone sets. I’ve got loads of inspirational pictures saved ready for when I have time to make them. Show off your arty side and make a teacher a set with letters, numbers or pictures on them. They’ll come in really handy in the classroom next year and they are absolutely perfect for outdoor learning (wink wink, nudge nudge).

4. Homemade, Yummy Goodies

Over here at Blackbird Forest School we love food. When the ingredients are home grown or foraged then it’s even better!  In the last few weeks we’ve collected pots of raspberries and strawberries, picked elderflowers for cordial and started to see the first of the salad and veggies. Just today the lady two doors down gave me two courgettes and a punnet of gooseberries. They are all ready to go into cakes, chutneys and meals.

Personally I think homemade food is a great gift because it’s taken time and effort to make. I was only saying the other day that I think onion chutney is a perfectly acceptable present! A quick search for raspberries on BBC Good Food gave me lots of ideas; the edible gift possibilities are endless.

5. Good Old Fashioned Flowers

Flowers are always a winner because most people enjoy receiving them. Maybe this year you could buy a potted plant that could live in the classroom all year round? If you are a stickler for a bouquet, instead of spending loads of money in the supermarket, pick your own. Select a few flowers from the garden – a handpicked selection in a jar can be just as impressive.

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