Final Forest School Session

Today was my last session with at the Nursery because it’s their last Forest School day this term. Super sad face! My Tuesdays have been so exciting this term and I’ve looked forward to them every week. It was sad to say goodbye today but it was also so much fun to celebrate at their Forest School party.

We played loads of fun games like pass the pine cone, hide & seek, duck duck goose and guessing the animal. To get our energy back we ate some party food and had lots of giggles around the log circle. Crisps, juice and party rings were all on the menu; a special treat from the leaders!

I’ve had a fabulous couple of months at the Nursery and I’m definitely feeling inspired for my future as a Forest School leader. I’m already thinking about my plans for September with my first proper group. I’ll miss my weekly visits but I know they are always just around the corner. It’s likely I’ve forgotten something for my portfolio and will need to go back anyway! Here are my highlights from the last few weeks…

  1. Having my first fire with a group – I’ve been practicing making fires on my own but it’s not quite the same as when 20 children are watching you. I am so glad that my two fire sessions were a success and that my pitta pizzas worked.
  2. Lots of mud – Monsters, pies, on knees, under nails…. everywhere!
  3. Discovering creatures in the pond – I’ve not been to a Forest School with their own pond before so this was pretty special. It was great fun to go pond dipping and the children were so knowledgeable about the wildlife.
  4. Working with a fantastic group of children and adults – This makes all the difference doesn’t it? The staff were so supportive during my sessions so it felt like a breeze. The children were so enthusiastic and funny that I could never have a bad day with them.
  5. Having lots of fun! I love working with children but now I feel like I’ve found my niche.

What Next?

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