Forest School, filling in gaps & farewell

This week I ran my last two sessions at the Nursery! Luckily I have been invited to their Forest School end of term party next week so I can squeeze in one more day of fun. Then I need to get planning for my weekly sessions with year 3/4 starting in September. There will be a whole summer of practicing fires, tools and crafts.

This week’s session had to be themed around the letter A which was way harder than I initially thought. Some words like ‘art’ don’t start with the right sound that is needed for their phonics input. So, there went my nature art gallery idea! I’ll save that one for another day.

Part of learning the letter involved an action where ants crawl up their arm so we began the session with letter practice and an ant hunt around the site. Then I expanded this into looking for all animals. In small groups we investigated the pond, looked under logs, carefully waded through the long grass and lay looking up at the sky. We found all sorts of animals including a froglet, pond skaters and plenty of bugs!

I designed the Animal Survey sheet but I am more than happy to share. Download it here – Animal Survey resource.

After our snack time we made a snack for the birds using an apple. The activity is really simple but great for developing dexterity and fine motor skills in young children.


Apple Bird Feeders:

You’ll need: Apples, thin but sturdy sticks, a corer/screwdriver, twine/string and sunflower seeds.

What to do:
1. Remove the stalk from the apple and poke a hole through the middle. I found a screwdriver really effective but you can use a corer or an old pencil.

2. Push through a stick that is a little wider than the hole so it is a snug fit.

3. Use the pointy end of the seed to press into the apple. Repeat pressing in the seeds until it is covered and looks like a hedgehog.

4. Tie a bit of twine to each end to make a handle for the feeder.

5. Hang the feeder somewhere in your garden and watch the birds enjoy.

I had also planned to include a song while we were sat around the log circle after our snack. I learned the song at my Forest School Day last week and really wanted to share it because it was animal themed. Unfortunately we ran out of time in both sessions so I videoed myself singing it instead for you all to enjoy! I may have put my own spin on the actions.

Filling in the gaps of #30dayswild

The days in June have whizzed by and I definitely didn’t have time to blog every day. Here is a quick catch up of those days that slipped through the net:

Day 23 – I do a bit of supply teaching here and there and this Thursday was one of those days. I was so excited to find out the class were doing an Oak tree topic. We read all about different plants around the tree and it inspired me to do some plant identification in my garden when I got home.

Days 24 to 26 – I camped out at the Lammas Eco Village, read the blog here.

Day 27 – After a busy weekend, Monday was a bit of a catch up day. I went shopping to buy resources for Forest School and Eden Project sessions later in the week. We did squeeze in a trip to the allotment and got to eat the first of the raspberries, yum!

Day 28 – Forest School!

Day 29 – This was a bit of a cheat day, I was teaching Eden Project workshops again and went to see a friend for a catch up. I do teach all about how useful plants are and how to live more sustainably so I let myself off.


The rain clouds were looming again for the final day of the #30dayswild challenge. We headed to Bakewell without much of a plan but at least we could nip in the shops or a cafe if it started pouring. As we wandered around I was on the lookout for snippets of nature and any geocaches I haven’t already found.

On the way back we stopped at the garden centre and I finally found a blackbird badge in the RSPB badge box! What a lovely way to remind me of all the good times I’ve had during #30dayswild. This of course isn’t really a farewell, I’ll still be here blogging about my acts of wildness… just not every day!

What Next?

Buy your very own RSPB badge for a £1 donation.

Invite a tree to tea this summer with the Woodland Trust.

Follow Blackbird Forest School on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to get the newest updates and activity ideas.

Thank you all for reading my 30 days wild!!!

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