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Well, I’ve let my blog slip a little bit! My week has been jam packed with lots of fun things that I’ve been doing instead of sitting at my laptop writing about it. I have a mammoth task ahead of me to share all my wild activities so I think I’ll stick to snippets!

Day 13 – Ryan and I had an afternoon tea voucher to use up so we had a very fancy afternoon followed by a stroll around Clumber Park. I’ve wanted to visit for ages but it’s a bit of a drive from where we live. Thinking ‘two birds, one stone’ we picked a hotel nearby for our afternoon tea so we could justify a visit. As we were so full of scones, cream, cake and tea we didn’t fancy walking too far. We ended up wandering around the walled garden and glasshouses looking at all the beautiful flowers and edibles. I enjoyed watching all kinds of bees flitting amongst the plants and a snail heroically gripping the lupins (below).

Day 14 – Forest School Day! Read all about our adventures here.

Day 15 – I had a really busy day on Wednesday so it was a bit of a panic to squeeze in something wild, especially with low energy levels! Thankfully Ryan suggested going to the allotment so I grabbed a blanket, chair and my kindle and soon settled in near our wild patch of flowers. Many more bees here to make me smile.

Day 16 – By this point I was a little fed up of the gloomy skies and all the rain we’ve been having. I’ve already danced in the rain and donned my wellies a few times this week. I just wanted to stay indoors with a cup of tea after work. I decided to follow my feelings and snuggled up with my sketch pad instead and did some wildlife doodles using my illustration school book.

Day 17 – It was Empty Classroom Day so I took my class to the woods. Read about our morning here.

Day 18 – I was headed to York to stay with some friends who’d invited us to a party in their woods on Sunday. After travelling and catching up there wasn’t much time for a wild activity. Viv is also doing 30 days wild so at least we were stuck together. I went out into their garden for a little explore, munched on some chives and made friends with a chicken. That totally counts!

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_19 A party in Gecko Woods

Viv and her family had organised a day in the woods for all of their friends and family. Ryan and I were invited and were excited to go and visit again. We’ve been a few times before to help out with jobs, relax around the fire and have a go on their hand made zipwire! It was such a great idea to get people outdoors and enjoying the woods together. I think everyone definitely had a great time.


Within minutes of arriving, Viv’s daughter asked if I wanted to help make a den. Of course I did because DEN BUILDING IS SO MUCH FUN. She was in charge of design, I was in charge of hauling the heavy, long branches back to our base. We started with a Y shaped tree and some long, stronger branches to create a tripod. Then we added bushier branches and smaller logs to build it up into a tipi shape. We added bracken for the outside layer which was a great idea to add more cover but it took us forever.

We had a quick break to go and enjoy the fire and cook some lunch. I tested some pitta pizzas ready for my Forest School session on Tuesday while others cooked sausages, smores and veggie stew. Everyone was laughing, chatting and getting involved. Children (and adults) were having a go on the zipwire, slackline and archery. So much fun to be had.

Back to den building, I spotted a cool beetle, which turns out to be a green dock beetle. It was a great greeny gold colour and looked almost robotic with it’s metallic shine.Eventually we finished our den with some help from other bracken collectors. We carved a sign out of some wood and the den was complete. After a 3 hour build there was just enough time to sit back, relax and take in our accomplishment.

What Next?

Read Viv’s blog to see what she’s been up to for 30 days wild.

Follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for snippets before I blog them.

Visit again soon for more Forest School, foxy findings and elderflower cordial!


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