Empty Classroom Day 2016

Firstly I would like to share some news… I have a great opportunity lined up for September where I part time teach and one afternoon is Forest School! I am so excited to have my first Forest School gig and to work in such an open minded, supportive school. I just so happened to be teaching at the school today for Empty Classroom Day.

They are very lucky to have woodland that is a 10 minute walk from school. Once I mentioned my plans to go out for the morning it soon turned into a whole school trip. My first lesson is supposed to be a big write time so I planned something to spark a little imagination and creativity.

The children had to first build a troll village as a class. I never said what the troll was like so all the houses were totally different. We had small abodes with detailed rooms and features as well as large projects with defence systems.

After the building session we all sat on the big tarpaulin to do some writing. Some children did non-fiction and wrote instructions to build their house. Others wrote creative descriptions of the trolls that lived in them.

“My troll is very sly and clever and his name is Scar. He is three foot tall and a million years old but he doesn’t look it. He hunts evil invaders of the forest but he doesn’t hurt animals. He is the God of the village and each night he turns into a huge wolf like animal and spreads happiness across the forest.”

The writing was a little rushed and the grammar certainly wasn’t perfect because they were all eager to get back to to building. We even had to have a vote about going back to school for break time or having break in the woods. Obviously the woods won!


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