Two weeks wild & a tiger comes to tea!

We are two weeks into #30dayswild already! It is crazy how quickly that has flown by. Tuesdays are easy for me because I spend the day doing Forest School and can’t help getting stuck into wild activities. I led my second and third sessions today which was very exciting.

I feel like I am getting into the swing of things now with my Forest School sessions at the nursery. This week was based on ‘The Tiger that came to tea’ which is a really popular story. Now I planned this session last week when the sun was shining so it was a little different when I turned up in the rain today. There is a shelter to sit under and a cover on the mud kitchen so it only needed a small re-think.

I taught the session twice and it was great to see how it worked with two different groups. The nursery children go to Forest School once a week but which session they go to can change. I love working with children that are so confident and happy in the outdoor setting. 

After the usual counting tree starter, I read the story to the children to get the session going. In the morning session we tried a growling sound on the iPad to set the scene but it didn’t quite work. In the afternoon I said I’d heard a rumour that the tiger was coming to visit. 

The children dashed from the shelter in search of the tiger. It didn’t take long for them to discover him hiding with a letter. The letter said that he was really hungry from travelling and could he stay for tea? 

The mud kitchen was set up with water and a tea set as well as the usual mixing bowls, saucepans and utensils. The children really enjoyed getting messy and had some really creative ideas of what they were making for the tiger. I brought some peppermint teabags with me too so they could smell the leaves and use them in their mud mixtures. 

Last night I was sat cutting up orange card into tiger masks and adding double sided sticky tape stripes for longer than I’ll admit! An extravagant craft but definitely worth it. The children were finding leaves and grasses that were the right length or tearing them up to size. We had lots of fun prowling around and practising our roaring.

We had a treat at snack time and tried fresh tiger bread as a thank you for the feast we had made. Then we ended the session with a game of ‘tiger hide and seek’. The tiger had so much fun that he ended up in the washing machine at the end of the day!

Watch and listen to the tiger that came to tea.

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