12 Days Wild: Behind the Lens

DSC_0266TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_12

Ah, Sunday. I woke up to no plans for the day which was blissful after a really busy week. When an empty day presents itself to me I do have a habit of quickly filling it with ideas for the day. I soon had a cup of tea in hand, brewing plans of rainy walks, fresh air and wildlife photos.

Once Ryan was awake he soon haggled a quick visit to the allotment into my plans. I’m so glad he did because we soon discovered that the last few days of rain had done wonders to our plot. It was a beautiful, wild scene to behold. The foxgloves had flowered and magnificent poppies had sprung out of nowhere.

I’d packed the fancy camera for later in the day but there was so much I wanted to capture at the allotment that I started early. In between the sporadic rainfall (when I hid in the shed) I watched the bees enjoying the wild flowers and the birds swooping down on unsuspecting worms.


Next we headed to Hardwick Hall to explore the gardens and take shelter in the house if it rained some more. Since moving to Derbyshire we have visited Hardwick a few times but that was in the Winter months. It was great to see how the gardens had flourished and wander around the herbs, smelling the leaves of the lemon thyme, sage and fennel.

Hardwick are currently celebrating a Rose Month and that seemed to be the theme of the activities.I noticed lots of children walking around wearing flower garlands on their heads and looking like little forest fairies.

There was also a trail about roses around the garden which was really interesting. Each sign told you about the meaning behind the different colours. I never knew that you can get green roses! It was fun to duck under the low branches of the trees and try and avoid the cascade of raindrops.


We spotted plenty of wildlife around the gardens at Hardwick, including a very fat squirrel! There were swallows dancing together through the trees, busy bees in the flowers and a very brave chaffinch trying to share seeds with the squirrel. Ryan managed to get the awesome photo below of the bees on the chives.

After a thorough explore of the garden we had a quick look around the house and obviously finished with tea and cake! Looking back at the photos we took today has inspired me to carry the fancy camera round more often. Having a smart phone is really handy to capture moments in your every day life but there is definitely something more magical about a proper photo.



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