Four, five, six, pick up sticks… or strawberries.


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_04 Glastonbury, Draycott Sleights and Campfire Cooking

On Saturday we woke up to glorious sunshine streaming through the window in Cornwall. It seems like Summer has finally arrived! Unfortunately for us it was changeover day so we spent longer than we wanted sat in the car again. Eventually we got to Glastonbury for some lunch and a look in the bookshops. They have such a great selection of bookshops where you can pick up some unique reads.

We used one of our own books, the Wild Guide of the Southwest, to find something cool to do in between Glastonbury and our campsite. We’ve used the guide a few times and have found some absolute gems, including the beach from my last post. A walk to the top of Draycott Sleights sounded ideal with its meadow of wildflowers, views accross Somerset and old iron age settlement. It just so happened to be a Wildlife Trusts site too!

On the way, we luckily drove past a strawberry shop that Ryan’s dad has mentioned a few times before. He claims that these strawberries are ‘the best in the world’. Of course we had to buy a punnet to eat at the top of the hill, after our walk. They were pretty good! You can find these strawberries on the A371 between Wells and Cheddar.

The campsite we’d chosen to stay at was wonderful, not least because we were allowed to have a fire. The owner lets you use wood from his land, offers fire-starting kits and will even give you a hand if you’re stuck. Obviously I took the opportunity to test my Forest School skills and get the fire started. I need to be able to start and sustain a 10 minute fire for my assessment. I can happily say my fire lasted all evening and we cooked three-bean soup for supper.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_05Goblin Combe and Tyntesfield

Sunday morning began with peanut butter slathered on bread, under the awning of our tent. We decided not to head to the Forest of Dean and instead opted for a slower Sunday. Out came the Wild Guide again and off we went to Goblin Combe, only 15 minutes away.

Goblin Combe is another Wildlife Trusts site (totally accidental I promise) but is also used as a base for outdoor education. I enjoyed spotting the fire circles and dens nestled amongst the trees. We opted for the shortest walk of 2km because it was really muggy and we were both feeling a tad sleepy. On our way there was plenty to see and many muddy puddles to avoid. I really liked the wooden carved border on one of the information signs.

Later we drove further towards Bristol and the M5, preparing for our journey home, but just had time for one last stop. Sunday happened to be our 3 year anniversary as a couple so it was nice to spend the afternoon together at Tyntesfield, relaxing in the gardens with lemonade and cake.


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_06A sun-filled, snoozing Monday

No Monday gloom for me, I actually have a free day to enjoy the sunshine. Today is a little bit of a changeover day though, unpacking from our trip and re-packing to head to the Southeast tomorrow! I’m also teaching my first Forest School session at the nursery tomorrow morning so it feels like the calm before the storm.

After a lazy morning and plenty of cups of tea, we headed to the allotment for the afternoon. It was a balmy 25°C so I didn’t feel like moving much, unless it was towards the shade! I took some inspiration from my 30 Days Wild pack, which arrived today, and decided to write a poem.

You can find the poem on Blackbird Forest School’s Twitter and Instagram.


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