Enjoying free time, from tent to moor to sea.

It has been total whirlwind for day 2 and 3 of #30dayswild as I’m on a mini-road trip of Southwest England. My partner Ryan is speaking at an event near where we used to live in Cornwall so we thought we might as well make the most of the travel!

Yesterday was day two of the challenge and it was pretty tricky as I was car bound for most of the day. We stopped for a lunch date and wander in Frome, Somerset before continuing our journey to Dartmoor.

We arrived at our campsite and filled our bellies with delicious pub grub. Then before bed, we headed out again hunting for the perfect sunset spot. We were quickly running out of time so pulled up in a lay by and perched on the car to get a good view. Then it was back to the tent for a good nights sleep closer to nature.

Day 3 began with the delightful sounds of a cockerel. Wild is the game so I can’t complain! After more yummy food for breakfast (full English this time) we set off for a quick explore before a busy day ahead.

We discovered a great spot on the way to Tavistock for a quick wander over the top of a moor. The sun was blazing, there was a stream trickling nearby and there were Dartmoor ponies with their foals. Bliss.

Next I had to make a quick visit to the Eden Project to pick up resources as I am teaching workshops in London next week. It was very busy as they have Duran Duran performing tonight for BBC music. It was really nice to see some familiar faces albeit in a rush!

After work there was done, we made a quick escape from the tourists to make one last trip to Ryan’s allotment. He very excitedly checked out a neighbour’s allotment while I made friends with the cows. Together we wrestled a pear tree into my car, amongst the camping things, as the final step of emptying this allotment.

We couldn’t visit the allotment without a trip to my favourite beach which is just round the corner… well, in Cornish terms. My last wild act of the day was to swim in the sea, no matter how cold it is. I think I managed about five minutes! The beach is really quiet as it’s a bit of a secret so it was a really peaceful hour of the day.

We’re off to Glastonbury and the Mendip hills tomorrow. Look out for my next wild update.


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