How did my first exciting adventure unfold?

This is the first time I have taken up the 30 Days Wild challenge so I’ve been super excited about it. I’m an outdoorsy person but I’m definitely guilty of spending whole days indoors binge watching the TV too! Getting outdoors and being wild for 30 days straight will definitely keep me on my toes and make me feel happier too.

My blog is being featured on the 30 Days Wild website which is really cool. I’ve already been looking at the other bloggers’ profiles and reading about their adventures on their websites. It’s a pleasure to be included in a group of such interesting people who are all passionate about wildlife.


The first week of June is actually a really busy one for me but I’m committed to finding something wild and outdoorsy to do. Tomorrow I set off on a camping road trip of the Southwest, which should provide some wild opportunities; Frome, Dartmoor, St Austell, the Mendip hills and the Forest of Dean. Next week I’m off to London to deliver some Eden Project workshops but I WILL hunt down some green spaces no matter how tired I am! There are now approximately as many trees in Greater London as there are Londoners (7 million) so I’m sure I will find somewhere.

As we have a very busy time coming up I thought I’d keep day one simple and local. Armed with our walking boots and a fruit loaf from the local bakery, we set off into the woods. Shaw Wood is only a 15 minute walk from my house, however we are always finding new routes and secret pathways so the timing can vary! It is a very peaceful wood, mostly frequented by local walkers.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

My partner Ryan was testing me on my plant identification while we wandered through the woods (got to fit in some Forest School swotting). There was so much to notice along the edges of the path and we even picked up a couple of geocaches along the way.

This time of year is particularly interesting for spotting wildlife and different types of plants, it’s a feast for the senses. It was a really windy day today so I taught Ryan how to listen to the trees – a trick I picked up on my Forest School training. If you place your ear to the trunk of a tree you can sometimes hear a clunking or gurgling noise as it moves.

It wasn’t just plants we saw today, we are lucky enough to have spotted a mouse too! I saw it running along a dry stone wall, out of the corner of my eye. I managed to zoom in on my phone to get a quick snap before he ran away. We were also greeted by a friendly horse as we passed a farm on our way home. He had beautiful icy blue eyes underneath his scruffy mane.

The last stop before our homeward stretch was for lunch. Earlier in the day we’d picked up a fruit loaf from our local deli/bakery The Loaf. It was delicious, slathered with butter and eaten whilst surrounded by nature.

Look out for the next update about what I get up to in the Southwest!

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