Mud and Bones

I have been incredibly busy today doing lots of Forest School activities with some very enthusiastic children. My four o’clock cup of tea this afternoon was certainly needed after all the fun! It was my second week at the nursery and I feel like I’m getting into the flow of things now. After the half term break I’ll be leading the sessions – there are so many things in store, including campfire lighting, pizzas and a tiger who comes for tea.

This week I was involved in some great sessions that were totally different from one another. The morning group were learning all about the ‘m’ sound. Quite clearly there was only one thing for it, mud! After practicing and recognising the letter, we met Monty the mouse whose brother was poorly with measles.

The children mixed up some mud medicines and add some plants to make the mouse feel better. There was also some clay that the children used to create mud monster faces to cheer up Monty the mouse. The wheelbarrows were out for moving the mud around mud mountain and there was even some mud paint to practice writing the letter m. The children were focused and busy for the whole session, making the most of all the activities on offer. It was great to see them working so well together and watch their imagination take hold.

“At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.”

– Shanti


Animal skeletons and Digger Dog’s bones

In the afternoon we started with some counting and hung numbers in the number tree. Then it was onto story time, Digger Dog being the book of choice this week. In the story Digger Dog is trying to find a huge bone that he can smell and ends up finding a whole dinosaur. Obviously we had to have a bone hunt of our very own! There were bones of all sizes and lots of squeals of delight each time one was found.

We had a talk about bones, skeletons and drinking milk before moving on to our task. Using pictures of animal skeletons as a guide, the children created their own skeletons out of sticks. It was challenging to begin with but they soon got the hang of it.

I’m so excited to get planning my sessions for next half term. Watch this space for my updates and activity ideas.



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