Make your own Stick Star

This is a trick I learned during my initial Forest School training week and I had loads of fun making it. There is something really rewarding about creating something beautiful by hand. It is a great Forest School activity! Stick stars come in all shapes and sizes and can be decorated with colourful string and paint. Your options are endless.

How to

You will need a roll of string, scissors or a knife, and somewhere to find sticks.

Step one: Hunt for five sticks that are roughly the same length. You can always chop them or snap them if they aren’t quite the same. The sticks can be any size, it all depends how big you’d like the star to be.

Step two: Cut five lengths of string, roughly 20-30cm long. Again, this will depend on the length of your star but you can always cut off the excess.

Step three: Using a piece of string, tie a clove hitch knot around the end of a stick. See my video below to see how to tie a clove hitch using the ‘fish on a dish’ method. Repeat this for all five of the sticks. It should look like you have five fishing rods.

Step four: Choose two of your sticks. Match up the sticks, one knotted end to one un-knotted end.

Step five: Using the longer length of string, use sheer lashing to securely bind the sticks together. When the sticks are held together, start to use sheer lashing between the sticks. See my video below to see how to tie together using sheer lashing. When your sticks feel secure but also slightly flexible, tie the two ends of string together using a simple knot of your choice.

Step six: Choose another stick and match up the end, as you did in step three, to one of the sticks you have already tied. Use sheer lashing again to tie these two together. Continue to do this until you have a zig-zag shape with all five of your sticks tied together.

Step seven: This is the trickiest step! Play around with your zig-zag until you manage to create a star shape. You can pass sticks through the middle and overlap them to make the final shape feel even more sturdy.

Step eight: There should be two sticks left to tie together, to create the final point and finish your star. Use sheer lashing again to tie the remaining sticks. Once you have finished you can cut off the spare string or use this to hang your star.

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