Forest School Training: The Beginning

I am incredibly excited to be starting my Forest School journey this year, spending time outdoors and teaching young people about the delights of nature. I’ll be completing my training with Forest Schools Education to become a Level 3 Forest School Practitioner.

While working as a primary teacher I discovered that my passion for education lay beyond the classroom walls; fresh air, muddy hands and a whole world to discover and learn from.


​For the last fifteen months I have been working as an education officer at the Eden Project. I delivered workshops that focus on the relationship between plants and people. It has been wonderful to teach about the things I love, and having a rainforest as a resource isn’t bad either!

I’ve always been interested in Forest School and have been to the odd session here and there. In September I decided that I wanted to find out more, and really experience it for myself.

While I was living in Cornwall I started to volunteer at my local Forest School, Badger Forest School. The benefits of Forest School for children are endless, it’s fun, educational and inclusive. Even I would leave each session with a smile on my face.

During the months I volunteered we explored senses and the weather. The activities were varied, hands on, fantastically planned. Even the snacks were linked to the topic of the day! I was so inspired by the staff at Badger Forest School.

Now I want to bring that same experience to the children and young people that I work with. Providing opportunities to enjoy engaging with nature and develop an awareness of the world, each other and themselves.

From Monday I’ll be spending the week in Whiteley Woods to begin my training. It will be a week full of sharing ideas, acquiring skills, meeting like-minded people and lots of campfire cooking, yum!

Then it’s onto the hard work of completing my portfolio. Eight months of assignments and practical skills, broken down into different units and elements.

The journey is just beginning, follow me on Facebook and Twitter for new updates on my Forest School training and outdoor activity ideas.


2 thoughts on “Forest School Training: The Beginning

  1. I’ve always advocated for more schooling to take place outdoors but it was only recently I discovered Forest Schools. I’m so excited for your journey to becoming a FS practitioner and look forward to reading more about your journey!


    • Thanks Christina! The more I discover about Forest Schools, the more I love them. I’m glad to hear others are passionate about outdoor learning too.


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